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It has now been proven through previous exercise that as you calm your body,your mind also calms down automatically,as there is close connection between your mind & body.It is also interesting to note that you were able to calm your body with the help of some Positive Thoughts called Affirmations e.g. “The muscles of the my right thigh are at ultimate peace and are working in perfectly healthy and normal manner.”
And these positive thoughts were generated in your mind.So,it is established that you used your mind to calm your body and in turn your mind also became calm & quiet.
Now let us see how was that possible?How come that you say that your thigh muscles are working peacefully in a healthy manner & it actually starts happening?Do your muscles understand what you want to convey them?
Are your other body parts intelligent?Let’s examine it little bit more in detail.

The smallest part of our body are ‘cells’.These ‘cells’are made up of “Protein Bags”.These protein bags are made up of Molecules and these Molecules are made up of Atoms.So,in a way our body is made up essentially of atoms.

Approximately 150 years ago, great scientist Rutherford established that 99.9% of an atom is an empty space.He speculated that in all the atoms the ‘matter’ accounts for much less than even 1%.Now,a new question arises ,”What does this 99.9% empty space contain?”The answer is that this empty space consists of “Energy” and “ Information”.

As whole of this universe is made up of atoms as the smallest particles,it also proves that this universe is essentially made up of nothing but “Energy” & “Information”.

This proves that whole of this universe including every atom of our body is full of energy and information.In other words each and every atom is full of knowledge.And when we supply some information to the various parts of our body,the atoms of that part of our body tend to receive that information.And if that information is positive,our body parts receiving that information start getiing benefited.

Mukul Chaudhri

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